Little Miss Hampton


Hampton Roads Convention Center

Hampton, Virginia

Postponed refunds issued

Tiny Miss Hampton starts 9:00 a.m.

Little Miss Hampton starts 12:00 p.m.

We are Hampton Roads Pageants


Based out of Hampton, Virginia Hampton Roads Pageants (HRP) has a goal of creating the most fun, eventful, entertaining pageant in the Hampton Roads region. Our pageants  promote academics, talent and style. Our pageants are offered in the most professional and beautiful venues that each city has to offer. 


Pageant Requirements


Is your daughter the most beautiful child in Hampton? Then come and join us for a fun filled pageant that will help develop self confidence, poise, public speaking, and social skills. We follow the KISS method of crowning, one winner and one crown, for one year.

Children are children, the judges are judges, come natural or glitz or a fusion of both. Children will be judged on Beauty, Swimsuit or boating wear (this is a peninsula), talent, and academics. 

Please click here for pageant registration for more information please call 757.332.4042.

Little Miss Hampton   Ages 5-12 years

Tiny Miss Hampton Ages 0-4 years 

For Tiny Miss Hampton please provide only the child's name, age, photo 8x10. 

Talent for Tiny Miss Hampton is ages 2 to 4 years. 


Formal wear

Pageant requirements for 5 and up. 

Contestants must submit one 8x10 picture of contestant, short essay about their academics, a teacher reference, and a principal reference by September 1st.  

Children can be either glitz or natural.  

They will be judged based on the following: Academics, Formal wear 2 minutes max., talent 5 minutes max, and beachwear (bathing suit (no bikinis), short sets, skort sets, etc.) 

Everyone is welcome to participate. 

NO REFUNDS, NO EXCUSES, unless otherwise approved by Director.





This will serve as one of two public announcements concerning the Little Miss Hampton Pageant as required by Federal Law. Please be advised that if you are going to use music it must be an original composition, music that is the public domain, a composition that you have purchased using a music service, or you have gotten written permission from the LICENSE HOLDERS!!!

For further questions please refer to the following website:

You must present proof of permission and original composition at registration. 

We have received federal notice that this is a requirement of any public event using music. Now of course it is not always enforced, but you know since it is Ms. Davis you can expect that someone will make sure that it is.


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Veronica A. Davis, Owner/Founder

Tamica Taylor, Marketing

Advertising Coordinator

Bernetta Watson, Independent Etiqutte Instructor

Dr. Jeter Giles, Independent Pageant Instructor


HRP Schedule

Sept 30 SAT Little Miss Hampton   Hampton Roads Convention Center, Hampton, VA

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